Can An Indemnitor Revoke A Bail Bond?

Although the thought of getting a bail bond in Collin County can be comforting for families eager to get their loved ones out of a jail cell, there is always a risk involved. From bail jumping to the risk that a defendant may not be on their best behavior when out, obtaining bail is definitely a huge decision.

It’s known that the courts can revoke a person’s bail, but can the person who co-signed for bail revoke it if they have second thoughts?

Here is everything you need to know about Indemnitor revoked bail and how it can be accomplished under the right circumstances.

The Responsibility of an Indemnitor

There are many players in the act of bail, but one of the most important is the co-signer, AKA, the Indemnitor. This is the person who directly deals with the bondsman while a loved one is waiting in a jail cell. An Indemnitor signs the paperwork, pays the 10 percent fee to the agent, and is ultimately the person who’s on the hook for the bail if something goes wrong. Learn more about finding the right bondsman for your unique situation.

How can You Revoke a Bail Bond?

While we may love our family members and friends, not all of them are trustworthy enough to stick around and show up to their court date after being released from jail. Unfortunately, sometimes the thought of this can dawn on a person during the time between the release date and the first court hearing.

While you can’t just walk into your bail bond company and get a refund, a co-signer can get a bond revoked. If you truly believe that your loved one will skip bail, then get to your bondsman ASAP and let them know you’d like to revoke bail.

This request will then be issued through the courts and if the judge presiding over the case deems it necessary, the bond will be revoked and the defendant will be placed back in jail until alternative bail arrangements are made.

Why Should You Be Worried About a Bail Jumper?

Aside from the condition of having to pay the bondsman the entire bail amount if the defendant jumps bail, there are other costs that could stack up on the Indemnitor. Usually, when someone jumps bail, a bondsman sends a bounty hunter to retrieve the individual. Depending on the state you’re in and where the bounty hunter catches up with the defendant, the fee can be quite high. The worst part about it is, the co-signer is the person who foots the bill.

Feel Secure With Your Bail Bond Through Goodfellas Bail Bonds

At Goodfellas Bail Bonds we want all of our clients to feel confident in the decision they’ve made to help a loved one post bail. There are no underlying clauses in our contracts and we ensure that everyone knows the bail process prior to accepting a signature or payment. If you have a loved one in need of release, contact us today to get the bail bond process started.

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