Tales From Behind The Bondsman Desk

The bail bond industry is one that involves some pretty interesting happenings. Eric Khozindar, owner of several bail bonds locations in DFW says that he’s seen the gamut when it comes to strange reasons for a bond and instances where an offender skipped bail.

As a 24/7 business, it’s no surprise that Khozindar’s offices see a wide range of visitors. If you or a loved one are in a bind and need bail from a jail cell, trust us when we say that there is no bond circumstance that Big Bubba’s, Goodfellas, and 1st Call Bail Bonds hasn’t seen!

No Bond is Too Strange…

According to Khozindar, the best bail bond story in his memory is not one that’s too sad.

“There was a couple who came into the office one day because the girl had gone to jail for assault. The bond amount for assaults is usually the same all of the time. This was a higher amount for the assault which made me curious as to what was going on,” Khozindar said.

“This girl looked like she couldn’t harm a fly. She was a short girl, maybe 5 foot 2. I was talking to her boyfriend and asked what exactly happened in this assault case.”

Apparently, the couple had been out drinking in Denton, Texas. The woman of the pair was pretty belligerently drunk, so they went to a local sandwich shop for sustenance.

“Apparently, she’s so drunk that she’s incoherent and people can’t understand what she’s saying. The cashier is trying their best. The cashier takes her order, calls her up, and apparently, the cashier got her order wrong. She was very upset about that,” Khozindar says that at this point, the charges got interesting.

“She goes back to the cashier, gets so angry that she starts hitting the cashier with the sandwich. At this moment, the cashier tackles her down to the floor so that she would stop hitting them with the sandwich. Then the cops come in, and just imagine one of the tiniest women you’ve ever seen, get so angry that she decided to start beating an employee with a sandwich.”

Words of Warning on Skipping Bail

Even though Khozindar says that clients skipping bail is something of a rarity, it still happens and his businesses are prepared to handle the problem.

“We have bounty hunters on contract. Just the other day, there was a very large 200,000 bond and he never showed up to do his paperwork. We don’t mess around. If you don’t come in as soon as we tell you to, we are already looking for you.”

Khozindar says the bounty hunters found out what apartment complex the individual was located at and they arrived dressed up like they were maintenance men.

“They had a ladder, the whole suit vest, and everything. They go in, make sure it’s the right guy… the guy figures it out and starts running away. They have to tackle this guy down on the ground. It just goes to show that yes, these things happen.”

This goes to show that the bail bonds industry is still going strong after hundreds of years for a reason, and Khozindar and team ensure that no one outsmarts the system.

Need A Bail Bond in Dallas-Fort Worth? We Can Help!

While these stories from behind our bondsman desk were entertaining, the team at our locations knows that being locked away from your family and friends is no joke. If you’ve found yourself in an unfortunate situation and need help getting bailed out, our offices are always open for you. Contact us today to get the bail bond process started.


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