Should You Pay for Your Friend’s Bail Bond?

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Picture this situation: It’s late at night, you’re tucked into bed, drifting off into the next day, when suddenly your phone rings. After answering, you find out that your friend has been arrested in Arlington and needs your help securing a bail bond.

Staying in jail even overnight is no picnic, so making the decision to bail someone out is usually one that is a no-brainer when a family member is involved. However, friends and acquaintances can be a different story.

Before you pull the trigger on becoming a co-signer, ask yourself these questions about your current situation.

Why Were They Arrested?

Finding out why a person was arrested is a great step towards making a final decision to help with bail.

Is the crime they are charged with something that goes against your personal beliefs to the extent that you’d say “no” to anyone else? If the charges are serious enough, do you think they have enough at risk to flee before their initial hearing?

Remember, regardless of how good of a friend you are, if they think they are going to be convicted and jump bail, it’s your finances and good name on the line for repayment.

Listen to Their Side of the Story

Before you make a decision based on their charges, make sure to listen to their side of the story. Perhaps they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe they did commit the crime and are just prepared to own up to it.

Either way, hearing them out could give hints to their likelihood of being a flight-risk after release. Typically, someone who is frantic and angry until release can pose a risk, while someone who remains calm may be responsible enough to attend all mandated court meetings.

Are You Really the Only Person They Could Ask?

Never feel like you have to pay someone’s bail just because you are the first person they thought to call. They could be too embarrassed to reach out to a closer friend or family member or they know that you have a kind enough heart to help them out with their bail problem.

Regardless of the reason, if you feel like the bail amount would be a stretch on your finances or you have an inkling of a doubt that they’ll attend their court hearings, it doesn’t make you a bad friend to ask if they have anyone else they can call for help.

How Deep Does Your Relationship Go?

Here’s a smart way to approach your situation. Can you provide the person’s personal information to a bail bond agent off the top of your head?

Some information you should readily know about the person includes the following facts:

  • Their full name
  • Their phone number
  • Their address
  • Their place of employment

If you can’t answer these basic questions about the person, is this really a friendship worth committing your credit too?

Also, what has their past been like within your relationship? Have they been trustworthy? Are they prone to fibbing? Have they helped you out in the past?

Once again, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of being responsible for an acquaintances bail bond, ask them about any closer friends or family members you can reach out to on their behalf for bail help.

When in Doubt Talk to an Attorney

Taking on bail for someone is a massive responsibility that blurs the line between being a “good friend” and looking out for your own wellbeing. Sometimes a third-party opinion from a criminal defense attorney can help clear up any legal questions that are causing you to take a pause on the decision.

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