How to Help Your Loved One Stay on Track While Out on Bail

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We know how the situation goes. You got the call from a loved one in jail and co-signed to bail them out with a Fort Worth bail bond

Although you may be happy to have your loved one out on bail instead of waiting in a cell for their hearings, you are still the one with money on the line. Even if your loved one slips up once while out on bail, the courts could revoke it and you will be responsible for paying the amount in full to the bondsman who got you the bail bond. 

Sometimes we love our loved ones but know that they can be a little shifty. Here are some tips for helping your family member stay on track so that they don’t go back to jail, and you don’t get burned at the end of the day.

Arrange Ride Services When They Are Necessary

Sometimes your loved one’s release comes with stipulations like mandatory therapy or rehab. Don’t let your loved one miss out on any necessary appointments required by the courts or your bondsman. Doing so will quickly have your bail revoked and leave you in financial trouble. 

Clear your schedule and be your loved one’s rideshare service for the time being. It shouldn’t be too long between bail and the initial court hearing. So, adding this extra cushion of time to your schedule could help you save thousands in the long term.

Keep Track of Who Comes By the House

We know that it can feel tedious to be a gatekeeper during this time. However, if your loved one was initially arrested because of an incident that involved bad habits or troubled friends, gatekeeping is a necessity.

As a co-signer on the bail bond, you should consider it your responsibility to help keep your loved one away from trouble. This includes individuals that you know are a bad influence on their actions.

Your loved one should understand the financial risk a bail bond poses for you, so don’t be afraid to turn visitors away. If your loved one protests, gently remind them that you are able to remove yourself from the bail bond contract and put them in charge of their payments if bail is revoked.

If Necessary, Clear Out Your Home

Alcohol can be an easy detractor that sets your loved one back on the wrong course. If you know that they’ll be staying with you, take a moment to clear out your home of any alcoholic temptations that could set your plans for freedom off course.

Help Them Stay in Touch With Their Bondsman

One of the most common and important stipulations within a bail bond contract is a weekly check-in with your bondsman. Depending on the situation the check-in may be physical, online, or over the phone.

Regardless of the check-in option, this is a requirement that helps the bail bond company ensure that your loved one is still in town and abiding by the requirements of their contract.

Unfortunately, check-ins can be easy for forgetful or irresponsible clients to miss. So, as a co-signer, add check-in reminders to your calendar and give yourself ample time to remind your loved one that it’s time to reach out to their bail bond company.

Start Your Loved One On the Path to Freedom with Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds

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