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Arlington, Texas is home to ATT Stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys), Six Flags, The Ballpark at Arlington (home of the Texas Rangers), Hurricane Harbor and much more.  It is a great place to visit, have fun, enjoy a wonderful dinner and even grab a few drinks.

Unfortunately, Arlington is also a great place to get arrested.  Many times innocent people are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Or maybe the drinks were too good and someone had too many.  Often times entertainment venues and alcohol are recipes for a night in jail.

Is Your Loved One In Jail in Arlington?

So a night in Arlington that was supposed to be great and full of fun has accidentally turned into a nightmare.  Jail is extremely disruptive.  Not only can it interfere with work and family obligations, but it is also mentally taxing and stressful.  While in jail the inmate has no contact with the outside world.  If they are not available to pay their bills, they could not only lose utilities – they could lose their home!  It’s important to have a bail bondsman licensed in Tarrant County who can help your loved one, friend or family member get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Arlington TX Jail Pod

After getting arrested and being placed in jail, an arraignment is scheduled.  An arraignment is a meeting with a judge who looks at the nature of the arrest and the charges and determines an amount of money to be paid (bail) before allowing an inmate to be released.  This number can vary greatly depending on the charges and situation.  Bail can literally range from hundreds of dollars for minor offenses to even millions of dollars for more serious crimes like accusations of murder.

Many families may not have access to liquid cash to bail their loved ones out.  This is where bail bondsman becomes important.  In Arlington, TX, for a nominal fee, Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds can post bail for you very quickly allowing your loved one to be released and enjoy freedom until their court date.

How a Bail Bondsman Works with Arlington TX Jails

The most important thing is to find a dependable bail bondsman in Arlington, TX who is licensed to work in Tarrant County.  We are licensed in Tarrant County and are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For a small fee, we will make a promise to the judge on the inmate’s behalf that they will attend future court dates and will help post bail.  This allows the inmate to go free! Bail

No one ever wants or plans to get in trouble and get arrested, unfortunately, it happens.  If it does, it is okay to ask for help.  Do you have a relative behind bars? Call Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds in Arlington today!.


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