A Quick Look at the History of Bail Bonds

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The history of bail bonds is a rich one. With a new decade approaching the Fort Worth bondsmen at Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds want to take a step back and examine our industry over time. So many people think the bail process has been clean cut over the years. However, even though we are part of an industry that’s been around since the United States was founded, you’d be surprised at how much the system has changed throughout the years.

The Dawn of Bail Bonds

The bail system originated in 13th century England. Similar to the standard practices of today, the original form of bail involved posting money or property in exchange for temporary release before a trial.

This proved to be a fair way for people in different economic classes to experience temporary release before a pending court case. Before this practice was in place, those accused of crimes were essentially locked up unless they could afford to bribe the local law.

Bringing the Bail Process to the States

Even though the United States had a bad breakup with England, when we gained our independence, we didn’t change much of the legal system. So, since the bold declaration as an independent nation in 1776, the courts and bail bonds process have been ingrained in our American heritage.

Reform Acts Over Time

Yes, the bail system has been in place for centuries, but that doesn’t mean it’s remained stagnant up to today. Here are two of the biggest reform acts our industry has seen and how they have shaped the process that so many people across Fort Worth trust when they wind up behind bars.


The Bail Reform Act of 1966 was the first piece of legislation to bring about a major change in our practices. Before this legislation was passed, money always had to be put up in order to get out on bail. 

However, with this legislation,being released on your own recognizance became possible for people who had committed minor crimes or have no previous criminal record. This means that with a written promise signed by the defendant, they can be released as long as they attend their court appearances.

However, keep in mind that this type of release is only possible if the courts deem your situation appropriate.


This most recent legislation for bail bonds allows someone to be detained without bail if they:

  • Have committed a very serious crime
  • Are deemed a flight risk
  • Pose a risk to their community

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