5 Little Known Facts About Bail Bonds in Dallas

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Although bail bonds are a widely known service throughout Dallas, there’s still so much that people don’t know about our industry. Even the most minor facts could be the information that gets you out of jail faster with the help of a Dallas bondsman.

Here are five little known facts about bail bonds in Dallas that you may find important if a loved one is ever in need of a bailout.

Your Bondsman has No Control Over Your Bail

Sure, we have the power to approach the courts with funds to get you out of a pinch, but remember, your bail amount is generally set in stone by the courts. After a judge has set your bail, that is the amount your bond will attempt to cover.

Never trust a bondsman or company that claims they can reduce your bail or state bail bond fees. Trust an agent that has the law and your best interest in mind.

Bail is Never Guaranteed

This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how sometimes even those that commit egregious crimes think that bail is always an option. If someone has committed a crime that the court deems too severe or violent, then chances are high that they won’t be getting bailed out any time soon.

Some of the most common crimes where bail isn’t an option are:

  • Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Armed Robbery
  • Sexual Assault

You Must Have a Cosigner

Bail can be a great option for an offender, but remember, money is still on the line and it must be guaranteed that the bailed individual shows up to their hearing and complies with their bail conditions.

This is why bail bonds require a cosigner in the deal. This person also has a stake in the compliance of all bail conditions and is held responsible for the penalties if the offender chooses to skip bail.

Not All Bail Bonds Are Created Equal

Don’t think that getting a bail bond in Texas is the same as getting a bail bond from another state. Every state has their own regulations on top of those from a Federal level. You want to make sure that your bondsman is one who knows their local law from the inside, out and can truly help your family out in their time of need.

Your Bail Window is Limited

An offender only has so much time to apply for bail before it’s too late. Once the judge sets your bail, depending on the crime, there is going to be a time limit for which your family can apply for a bail bond. Our local bondsmen know the Dallas bail system like no other and will ensure that all bail efforts are met within the correct time frame.

Make 1st Call Bail Bonds Your First Choice

When you or a loved one are stuck in a jail cell, all you really want to be is at home. With the help of 1st Call Bail Bonds, you can be home, in a safe environment, as soon as possible. Your well-being is essential to us and that’s why our doors remain open during the current shelter in place initiatives. If you or a loved one find yourselves out of the house and in trouble, reach out to our team, we’re always here to help!

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