5 Factors A Judge Considers When Setting Bail

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When an offender commits a crime in Dallas, they are arrested and the booking process begins. One aspect of this process is the local judge determining how much the bail amount will be. Every case tells a different story, and there are some factors a judge needs to take into account when setting bail. Here are some of the things that a judge keeps in mind when placing a price on a defendant’s temporary freedom.

The Circumstances of the Crime Impact Bail Bonds

The severity of the crime can determine how high the bail is set. Particularly violent crimes versus an arrest for speeding too far over a posted speed limit may produce big differences in bail amounts set by a judge. Although judges usually have a predetermined amount for different types of crimes, there is still room for them to raise and lower bail based on the current circumstances of the crime.

The Likeliness of a Conviction

If a conviction seems inevitable due to excellent evidence, then the defendant could be a possible flight risk. If there is even the slightest chance that a defendant will evade the law after a bail bond is processed. then a judge will most likely set the bail high.

Defendant Conduct

The defendant’s past and present interactions with the law matter when setting a bail amount. A judge will look at:

  • Prior convictions
  • Prior failures to appear in court
  • Current parole or probation status
  • Bail bond history

If there have been problems with an offender’s conduct in the past or if the person could be a threat to their community upon release, then a judge will not want to take a chance on freedom. Specifics surrounding a defendant’s past can have a significant impact on how the judge determines set bail.

Bail Schedules

Most jurisdictions have a set bail schedule that judges follow. While this may be in place to keep affairs in order, this doesn’t always represent the ‘end all’ cost for bail for a defendant. There is the possibility of paying less than the scheduled amount, but this would require that the individual officially appears before a judge to state their case.

Community Reputation

Does the defendant have a solid family base or strong ties to the community in which the crime was committed? This all matters when bail requirements are on the table. If a person is invested in their community and has generally good standing, then they are less likely to flee or present a danger to the people surrounding them. Depending on the crime, a person’s reputation within the community could bring about a higher or lower bail from the judge.

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