Why Your Unpaid Parking Tickets Could Be the Ticket to a Bail Bond

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Parking tickets are a nuisance but are penalties that shouldn’t be ignored. If you allow your parking tickets to go unpaid, be prepared to face the consequences with an arrest warrant that’ll lead to you needing a bail bondsman in Dallas.


Before you fall victim to the myth that police officers are too busy to arrest you for unpaid parking tickets, take a look at some of these facts and tips that can help keep you out of jail!

Can’t I Just Pay My Tickets From Jail?

If you choose to take the gamble and decide to just pay your tickets when you get arrested, you’ll have quite the surprise headed your way. You cannot pay your tickets from jail and be released.


If you get arrested for having a warrant in your name, you can only pay off your tickets after you’ve been released on bond. So, if you find yourself in a parking ticket pinch, make sure you have the information for Goodfellas on hand for your family members to call.

Texas Warrants Follow You Around!

Getting a warrant in another city in Texas doesn’t mark you safe while driving at home. In the state of Texas, your warrants are valid throughout the entire state. If you get stopped in Dallas you can be arrested for your warrant in Austin.

What If You Lost The Ticket?

If you know you have an unpaid parking ticket and don’t want to wait for that fateful traffic stop, simply set a court date to pay the ticket. However, if you’ve lost the ticket and can’t remember where to pay or the fine’s amount, get in touch with your local DPS. They can help you track down any unpaid tickets on your record and give you the information needed to clear your name.

Worried About Getting Arrested for Traffic Tickets? Goodfellas Bail Bonds Can Help!

If that parking ticket from a few years ago got you tossed in the Dallas slammer, you’ll need a bail bond from Goodfellas Bail Bonds to initially get you back on your feet. Even if you find out that you have a warrant out for your arrest, we can help you take affirmative action with a non-arrest bail bond in Dallas. We are ready to help you get this warrant off of your record. Get in touch with us 24/7 to start the bail bond process!

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