What Happens When You Commit Identity Theft in Texas?

One of the most mind-numbing moments in a person’s life is when they realize that someone has been using their identity for personal gain and they are stuck paying the piper.

Identity theft is, unfortunately, a very common crime in Texas. In 2020, alone, over 134,000 cases of identity theft were reported to the police and federal entities

Typically, this crime is one that can be halted through credit report bureaus and go unpunished. However, if someone were to get caught trying to get paid off of someone else’s identity, it would definitely be a crime that warrants the need for a bail bond.

What is Identity Theft in Texas?

In Texas, identity theft is the crime of a person using another individual’s personal information to commit fraud or harm said individual. Identity theft can occur in the following ways:

  • Using identifying information of another person without consent (i.e. social security number, credit card information, ID)
  • Using a deceased person’s information as if they were still alive
  • Openly identifying information of a minor

Can You Go to Jail for Committing Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a serious crime that comes with a wide range of punishments. Based on the defendant’s past criminal record and the extent of the identity theft itself the following consequences could be in order:

  • Prison time between 180 days and 99 years, depending on the severity of the felony
  • Fines up to $10,000
  • Court-ordered restitution
  • Probation for first-time offenders that don’t cause “significant harm” to the identity theft victim

Can a Bail Bond Help You Defend Your Case?

Identity theft is a serious crime but isn’t one that you can easily accuse and prove without sufficient evidence. It is possible for an accused offender to defend themselves in an identity theft case.

There are several circumstances that can point to innocence, insufficient evidence, permission to use the identifying information, or even mistaken identity.

Whatever your defense is, it is essential that you are able to meet with a criminal defense lawyer to map out your case. Without a bail bond getting you out of jail, your time with your lawyer can be limited and your defense may not hold up in a Texas court.

Why Should You Opt for a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is an affordable, legal way for you or your family members to get out of jail and sort out your affairs until your pending court hearings. If this offense is your first time dealing with a bail bond, a bondsman will be able to walk you through the bail process and ensure that no stone is left unturned. 

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