What Are My Rights In Jail If I Don’t Get A Bail Bond?

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Getting a bail bond in Collin County after an arrest can be the first major step towards reformation after you’ve committed a crime. Bail bonds get you out of a jail cell.  However, if you’re unable to obtain a bail bond and must wait for your court hearing in jail, you should at least know your rights while serving as a guest to the courts.

Here are some of the most common rights inmates have in jail when their opportunity for bail is revoked or denied.

Legal Rights in Jail

The entire booking process grants inmates several rights along the path to incarceration. Once you have been jailed, you are entitled to legal rights that include:

  • The right to an appeals process
  • The right to a parole process
  • Protection from unfair treatment due to race, sex, religion, nation of origin
  • Limited rights to speech and religious practices

If you have any questions about the legal rights for loved ones arrested in McKinney, a local bondsman can help you understand what they are and are not entitled to.

The Right to Meals

Just because you find yourself in jail doesn’t mean you are left to starve. All inmates in jail are entitled to three meals within a 24-hour time period. Keep in mind, these meals are timed (around 15-minutes) and only one of the meals is a hot food dish.

Need to Communicate?

Being locked up may physically cut someone off from the outside world, but inmates still have numerous ways to communicate with loved ones. Based on rights acquired by the American Civil Liberties Union, inmates are allowed timed access to telephones and can have planned visits from friends and family for at least one hour a week. Local facilities allow one 30-minute visit per day at a maximum of 2 adults at one time.

 These visitation hours are strictly for friends and family. Attorney visits are not limited. 


When inmates within the court system become sick or get injured, they hold the right to medical services at all hours. Face to face meetings with medical personnel are required. 

Medical rights also extend to female inmates who are pregnant, and to inmates who seek mental healthcare. 

Inmate health services in Texas include:

  • Dental services
  • Vision services (excluding glasses)
  • The distribution of medication

What Are the Limitations?

It may seem like inmates possess several rights, however, there are some severe limitations involved. In order to maintain discipline and security, prison officials may open an inmate’s mail in order to check for illegal weapons or contraband.

Also, although inmates are not allowed to be deprived of their personal property, they are still subject to cell searches for drugs, weapons or other illegal items.

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