A Close Look at Texas’ Public Intoxication Laws

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We’ve all had those nights. You know, the ones where things at the bar get a little too out of control and you’re told to keep the noise down and cut off from further drinks. Well, unfortunately, this awkward encounter isn’t always the way a wild night in Fort Worth can end. 

With the right blood alcohol concentration and the wrong actions, you can easily be arrested and charged for public intoxication. Some people may not know the exact laws behind this act, so we’re going to break them down for you and show you what to do if you’re ever cooling off after a night out in a Fort Worth jail cell

What is the Law for Public Intoxication?

One of the biggest reasons why so many people don’t understand the law behind public intoxication is because it’s such a “gray” sounding law. You can be arrested merely upon suspicion of public intoxication. However, you can only be arrested if you are a danger to yourself or other people.

Usually, if you’re found stumbling around in public, staggering into a road, and have a BAC of 0.08 percent, you are bound to be arrested for public intoxication. This type of arrest can occur in any public place, such as:

  • Your porch
  • A restaurant or bar
  • Hallways of an apartment or dormitory

Essentially, being intoxicated anywhere other than inside your private property, can be viewed as public intoxication. The law is extremely subjective, and the actual penalties tend to be quite steep if you’re caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

What Are the Penalties for Public Intoxication?

Public drunkenness is a class C misdemeanor. Aside from an arrest, offenders can also face fines of up to $500.00 in Texas. As far as alcohol offenses go, this is a low-level crime, but is still one that could leave you with a stain on your record, in need of a bail bond and the cost of a solid lawyer.

Should You Plead Guilty?

Although we bridge the gap between an offender and their ability to meet with a lawyer, we aren’t legal professionals. However, legal experts do recommend that you do not simply pay the fine and let life move forward.

As we mentioned before, a public intoxication charge stays on your record. If it were to come up during a crucial point in your life (i.e. job interview, child custody proceedings), your integrity and future could easily be tarnished.

Can You Get a Bail Bond for Public Intoxication?

Yes, you can get a Fort Worth bail bond for a public intoxication arrest. Once you’ve been arrested, your primary goal should be getting this mark expunged from your record. That all starts with the bail bond process. 

Once your bail bond is paid and you’ve been released under our terms and conditions, you’ll be thankful to have the time to meet with your lawyer and work to get your charges dropped. Trust us, if you wait for that first hearing to make any moves, you’re likely going to be stuck with a criminal record if this was your first offense.

Had a Little Too Much Fun on 7th Street? Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds Can Help!

Even though the courts view public intoxication as a minor offense, it’s nothing that you want on your record. Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds can help you take the first steps towards a clean slate through our bail bond services. We are available to help 24/7. Contact us today to get the bail process started.

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