How to Safely Get Through a Mental Illness Arrest

Over the decades, the legal system has “criminalized” mental illness and it’s common for most jails and prisons to hold more mentally ill individuals than a psychiatric hospital.

If you have a loved one in your family with a mental illness or live with one yourself, then you already know the risks that come with an arrest during an unexpected outburst.

May is mental health awareness month. In our effort to break the stigma of mental illness, we are offering some advice for getting through an arrest that involves mental illness.

If you’ve been arrested after an incident that involved your mental health, follow our tips to get yourself home safer if the worst-case scenario occurs.

Stay Calm During Your Arrest

Your initial reaction to an approaching officer can mean the difference between a harsh arrest and actually getting the help you need. If you stay calm during your arrest, the arresting officer may realize the incident isn’t criminal and could direct you to a mental health facility rather than a jail.

However, if your arrest is a combination of mental illness and criminal acts, you’ll need to follow our other tips to ensure the police aren’t violating your rights in the process.

Be Honest During Your Screening

When you’re arrested, officers will conduct a mental health screening. Be as honest as possible during the screening. Informing officers about your conditions, diagnosis, and current medications can help them approach your situation with care.

Honesty helps ensure you get the care you need and have access to essential medicines and services while in jail.

Inform Your Family

If you were arrested away from your family, they’ll need to know where you are. Make sure they are your initial call from jail.

Your family can help:

  • Further inform the jail of your condition
  • Arrange medication drop-offs
  • Connect you with a criminal defense attorney
  • Start the bail bond application process

Hire a Fort Worth Bail Bond Agent

Getting arrested in Fort Worth can be scary. Yet, adding aggravated mental health on top of your arrest can make any jail experience a waking nightmare.

Make sure that a bail bond is one of the first requests you have for your family. Your crime may involve bail but your family may be unable to afford to pay the court in full.

A bail bond offers an affordable way to pay the courts, get out of jail, and begin diligent work towards building your mental health case before your first hearing.

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