How to Locate a Loved One Who’s Been Arrested

If a loved one was recently arrested or you haven’t heard from an arrested individual in a while, locating them is of the utmost importance.

From helping a loved one make bail to just finding out when their next hearing is, knowing where a person is being held is essential information for outside family members.

If you aren’t sure of where your loved one is being held, here are some tips from a Fort Worth bail bond company that can help shed light on a harrowing subject.

Why Is It Important to Know Where an Inmate is Housed?

Typically, when a family member is faced with the reality that a loved one is in jail, their first goal is to get them a bail bond to bring them home. Without an inmate reference number or bail amount on hand, your bail bond agent won’t be able to get their job done quickly.

When it comes to acquiring a bail bond, every second counts, so it’s always best to arrive at a bail bond office with as much information about an inmate as possible.

Easy Ways to Locate an Arrested Loved One

While there are many websites out there that may try to charge you to find information about a loved one’s arrest or active warrant, there are also a few free ways to get the data you need.

Search Engines

Sometimes a simple search engine query can help you dig up information about a loved one’s arrest. Whether a news outlet covered their situation or a crime-tracking social media group posted about them, these sources can help lead you to where the person is being held.

Just by knowing the city they were arrested in and the organization that made the arrest, it should only take a few phone calls and detailed information about the person (more on that below) to get back in touch with them.

Free Inmate Locator Tool

When it comes to federal prison, a free site like can help uncover information, fast. Locally, there are also free locator tools that can help track down the locations of those in jail. allows users to search information by county and Texas state prisons. Although searching through their site may require a few extra steps for answers, it’s relatively simple to find the information you need.

What Do You Need to Know About the Inmate?

When you are searching through an inmate lookup tool or trying to gain information from the courts about a loved one. You’ll need to know specific information about them and their case. Some of the most essential information necessary for tracking down an inmate includes:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birth Date
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Age

With that basic information alone, the courts or a locator site can quickly help you find your loved one, uncover their bail, and start the bail bond process.

Find Your Loved Ones and Bail Them Out Fast With Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds

If you have a loved one behind bars, getting them out on bail should be your first priority. With the help of Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds, you can gain access to affordable, fast, bail bonds that bring your loved ones home before their initial hearings.

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