How is Your Job Affected When You Get Arrested?

Getting arrested is no walk in the park. However, once the reality hits that your employment and way of life can be affected by your situation, the panic really starts to settle in.

Before you start to panic, not every arrest will lead to someone losing their job. As in all arrests, the consequences rely on the circumstances of the arrest and how your employer chooses to handle the information.

Here’s a closer look at how an arrest can impact your job, how you should approach the issue, and how an Arlington bail bond can help.

Always Approach Your Employer With the Truth

Unless you were arrested during the week, the chances are, your employer will be the last person to know about your jail time. While making it into work after a weekend arrest may feel like you’re off the hook, the real judgment doesn’t happen until your preliminary hearing.

That hearing is where you are either set free with a great defense, or you are convicted of the crime and will be gone for an indefinite amount of time.

Rather than surprising your employer with your absence, face the situation head-on and give your side of the story. This move shows integrity and could be a leading factor when it comes to having your job when you return from jail (if convicted).

Can You Be Fired For Getting Arrested While Employed?

Unfortunately, the answer is a solid “yes.” Texas is an at-will employment state. Your employer could legally fire you, even if you were only arrested yet innocent. Typically, if a person is convicted, the chances are high that termination is the outcome.

Aside from termination, other possible routes an employer can choose to take when handling your type of situation could be:

  • Retaining your job but being placed on inactive status without pay as punishment
  • Reinstatement on acquittal

Always Seek Legal Counsel

No matter what your charge is, you should always hire a criminal defense lawyer that can help build a successful case. If you are able to get out of the charges and prove your innocence, not only does this keep a jail stint off of your record, but you also have a much higher chance of having your job relatively unaffected because of the outcome.

Work With a Bail Bond Company to Help Avoid Conviction!

While we may not be the legal help that you’ll need to avoid conviction, a bail bond agent can definitely help you take the first steps into proving your innocence. 

As we’ve mentioned, once you’re arrested, no matter what, you’ll want to obtain legal counsel. The caveat is, that without a bail bond, your communication is hampered by visiting hours and your criminal defense attorney’s ability to work with them.

With a bail bond, you’re not clear and free (there are still court hearings ahead), but you at least have the freedom to meet with your attorney to build your defense and prepare your employer for any long-term possible outcomes.

Start Your Redemption Story With Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds

If you’ve been arrested in Arlington and need help getting out of jail to not miss a day of work, Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds can help! Our process is quick, easy, and above all, effective. 

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