Holiday Tips for Avoiding Road Rage Jail Time

The holidays are here and while we all may be rushing around to get to our desired destinations, it’s always best to keep our manners in mind on the road.

Your holidays shouldn’t be spent in jail or making legal negotiations. For the happiest time of the year, follow our tips for avoiding road rage that could lead to jail time or worse.

What is Road Rage?

Road rage is the behavior that angry and aggressive drivers display to others they share the road with. Some of the most common forms of road rage are:

  • Dangerous driving (i.e. tailgating, speeding)
  • Rude gestures
  • Insults
  • Physical aggression

Although it may seem minor to crudely gesture to another driver that irked you, it’s easy for one small action to snowball into a confrontation that can turn illegal and sometimes deadly.

Is Road Rage a Crime in Texas?

Although yelling at another driver or honking aggressively isn’t a crime that someone could be prosecuted for, road rage can easily lead to acts that result in an arrest.

In Texas, if an act of road rage results in aggressive actions that put the safety of others at risk, drivers are in the reckless driving territory and could be arrested.

Based on the details of the event, an arrest resulting from road rage typically leads to jail time, fines, and even felony convictions in the most extreme cases.

Tips for Keeping Road Rage at Bay

As you can see, Texas takes road rage seriously. So, follow our quick tips to keep yourself out of jail between holiday driving trips.

Plan Ahead of Schedule

Rushing to a destination is never a great way to start a drive. When this happens, aggressive driving can occur and incidents of road rage are highly likely.

If you know the route you’re taking, plan your trip early and leave with enough time to safely get from point A to point B without rushing or aggravating other drivers.

Avoid Tailgating or Cutting Off Other Drivers

Some drivers are naturally aggressive and tend to tailgate slower drivers or cut off drivers that aren’t letting them into another lane fast enough.

If you’re guilty of these habits, try to put yourself in the “offending” driver’s shoes before taking actions that could lead to reckless driving. Sometimes age, not knowing the area, or general driving anxiety could lead to another driver on the road not moving as quickly as they could in traffic you may already be comfortable driving.

Don’t Reciprocate Aggressive Behavior

If you’re on the road and find yourself in the position of the “offending” driver, don’t let aggressive honkers or crude gestures get the best of you. Simply change lanes, speed up, or let the aggressive driver pass you up without any reaction on your behalf.

Never Confront Other Drivers

Even if you do get caught up in the emotion of the moment, never pull over to confront another driver outside of your vehicle. These are the situations that often lead to escalations that end with one driver facing jail time for assault or a felony charge.

Can a Bail Bond Get You Out on Road Rage Charges?

Unless you’re charged with a capital crime like murder or sexual assault after a road rage incident, a bail bond is definitely an easy way to get out of jail quickly.

A Fort Worth bail bond is an affordable way to get past the initial jail process and freely work on building up your criminal defense case for your primary hearings.

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