Do Bail Bonds Have to Be a Public Affair?

DFW Bail Bonds

Having a family member arrested in Fort Worth isn’t something that your loved ones really want to shout out to the world. Sometimes concerns over privacy can make a family member think twice before going out and applying for a bail bond right away.

At Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds, we don’t want your arrest to impact your personal or professional life. We value your right to privacy just as much as we want to help you get out of jail, fast!

Here are some of the ways that we help protect client privacy and put their minds at ease.

We Take Collect Calls

Cell phones are literally built with tracking devices in place. So, if you’re concerned about anyone finding out that you’ve applied for a bail bond or even met with a Fort Worth bondsman. Whether you’re calling us from prison, a public phone, or even a payphone (if you can find one), we will accept a collect call that puts you in touch with us without the issue of being tracked.

You Sign a Privacy Agreement

When you work with a legitimate bail bonds company, your privacy should always be held up as a priority. The exclusive agreement we have you sign at our offices allows you to ensure the privacy of your bond’s information and who information can be released to. Usually, unless specified in the agreement, the only people we offer information to are:

  • The offender’s attorney
  • Co-signers
  • The person who was arrested

Big Bubba’s is Open 24/7

Being open 24/7 isn’t just about getting people out of jail as fast as possible. Our late-night hours are also available as a way to help out with privacy. With us, there is no need to leave your obligations early to apply for a bail bond as a co-signer. Bail bonds are initiated on your time, and if you want your questions and concerns answered during a time that isn’t bustling with other people around, remember, we’re open all night!

We Keep Our Sensitive Data Secure

At Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds, we understand that our client’s information is one of the most important assets we hold. That’s why we go above and beyond with you for how we handle sensitive data. Our online data is extremely protected, and our bondsmen won’t just give out information to anyone who hasn’t already been pre-authorized.

Trust Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds to Keep Your Matters Private

The bondsmen of Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds knows that your arrest is a very sensitive subject. That’s why we take every step to ensure that your information and privacy are secure and your bail bond remains your business. We are ready to help get you back home. Contact us today to start the bail bond process.