Can You Get Arrested For Not Paying Your Bail Bond?

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Bail bonds are wonderful tools for getting a loved one out of jail until a trial. However, a bond isn’t a get out of jail free card. No matter what the crime was, if a bond was taken out for bail, it must be paid for in accordance with pre-set arrangements with a Dallas bondsman.

So, what happens if you don’t pay your bail bond? Is it straight back to the big house, or are there other means of dealing with the issue at hand?

Find out what could happen if you let your bail bond payments default.

What if You Just Don’t Pay Your Dallas Bail Bond?

If you decide that getting out on bond was enough and decide to blow off bail bond payments, it’s pretty certain that you’ll end up back in jail. Bondsmen have the right to revoke your bail for nonpayment, then order the courts to bring you back into custody.

This is just the base process for non-payment. If you decide to do something as foolish as skip town after bail, a bondsman isn’t going to let that fly. We have bounty hunters at our disposal and will use them to track you down and bring you back in to answer to a judge.

Why Does a Bondsman Care to Send You to Jail?

In the eyes of a bond agent, every bail bond that is issued is part of an investment in a promise of repayment. You are on the hook for your payments, and if you fail to pay, that’s potentially thousands of dollars lost to a bail bond company. 

Although we don’t enjoy sending people back to jail for non-payment, it’s a heavy threat that should serve as a warning to anyone thinking that they can skip bail bond payments and just pay them back later in collections.

What if You Aren’t Sent to Jail?

If your bail is revoked for non-payment, there is the chance that you might not be sent to jail. In these instances, payment still needs to be met. Reach out to your bail bond company and find out what kind of repayment plan can be made in the current situation. 

Remember, most bail bond companies are here to help and will be willing to work out a feasible payment plan if it means not having to track you down for the cash. 

1st Call Bail Bonds Helps You Understand Your Bail Bond Contract

If you or a loved one have been arrested in Dallas, you’ll need a bail bond to properly prepare for your upcoming legal meeting. In the rush of filling out a contract for temporary freedom, an untrustworthy bondsman can let essential information slip by, resulting in complications later on down the road.

At 1st Call Bail Bonds, we believe in freedom, not tricking your family out of more money than our 10 percent fee. We will review every detail of your contract and ensure that you understand our terms and conditions before you leave. Contact us today to start the bail bond process.

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