Your First (and Most Affordable) Choice for Dallas Bail Bonds

Getting arrested and booked into a Dallas County jail can be an incredibly stressful and scary experience. Once the initial shock wears off, your mind likely turns to getting out as quickly as possible.


For many people, coming up with the full cash bail amount is impossible. Not many people have thousands of dollars laying around for emergencies. This is where bail bonds become the most affordable option.

How Does a Dallas Bail Bond Work?

After you are arrested and given a bail amount by the court, you have a few options to post bail and be released from jail. You can pay the full bail amount in cash upfront, use property as collateral for a bail bond with the court, or use the services of a Dallas bail bond company.


Our bondsmen provide bail bonds as a service, allowing you to pay only 10 percent of the full bail amount.


From there, we front the remaining balance and act as guarantors to the court that you will show up for future court dates. As long as you make all required court appearances, we do not collect any additional fees or collateral from you.


Remember, though, the 10% fee is non-refundable, even if charges are eventually dropped or you are found not guilty.

What Makes Bail Bonds More Affordable?

Coming up with 10% of the full bail amount is much more feasible for most people compared to paying 100% in cash upfront. It allows you to leverage the services of a bail bond company to get out of jail for a fraction of the cost.


For example, if your bail is set at $20,000, paying in cash would require coming up with the full $20,000. That could deplete your savings or require asking multiple friends and family members to contribute. With a bail bond, you would only have to come up with $2,000 (10% of $20,000).


This makes bail bonds the most affordable and easiest way for most people to leave jail quickly without completely wiping out their bank account. Our Dallas bail bond company assumes the risk of the full bail amount, and you can walk free until your court date.

Bail Bonds Allow Payment Plans

Bail bonds are a perfect option for the average person in a pinch. They allow for payment plans when even 10% is too much for someone to pay. All you’d have to do is pay a minimal amount upfront, and our bondsmen can help you arrange a feasible payment plan that lets you pay your fee in monthly installments without leaving a loved one behind bars.

Bail Bonds Protect Your Assets

When you feel forced to pay a full bail amount, it’s common to put assets like cars and homes on the line to get a loved one out of jail. The upside, your loved one gets out. The downside, you now have to rely on them to attend all court dates and other mandated duties or else it’s your assets on the line.


Bail bonds forgo the need to put up collateral beyond the 10% fee. Remember that while you may not lose your home if the offender doesn’t show up to court, you will still be on the hook for the remaining bail balance.


So, when getting a bail bond for a family member or friend, make sure they’ll follow through on all post-bail appointments.

You Can Keep Your Job!

With a bail bond, you save money because you aren’t putting your job on the line by going through a long stint in jail. You can continue working and earning income instead of missing work while sitting in jail waiting to post full cash bail.

You Save Your Money for Better Defense

You keep your full cash savings available for legal defense costs instead of depleting it on the full bail amount.

This means not having to rely on public defenders and ensuring you have the time and money to meet with your personal lawyer who can build the best case possible for your court appearances.

Convenience is a Factor

In addition to being more affordable, bail bonds are extremely convenient. Instead of coordinating with family and friends to raise cash and get it deposited with the court, you can use a bail bond company that is open 24/7.


At our Dallas location, 1st Call Bail Bonds has agents on call to post your bond any time of day or night.


Within hours, your loved one can walk out of jail on bond instead of waiting days or longer for you to come up with the full bail amount.

Make Our Dallas Bail Bonds Company Your 1st Call

At the end of the day, the 10% fee charged by bail bond companies is a small price to pay for quickly and affordably getting out of jail after an arrest.


With little money down, 1st Call Bail Bonds in Dallas, Texas eliminates the financial barriers that could otherwise keep your loved ones sitting in jail for much longer.


Ready to be reunited with a friend or family member after a jail stint in Dallas? Reach out to 1st Call Bail Bonds to get the process started.

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