4 Reasons You Could Need A Bail Bond This Halloween

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What do bail bonds, witches, and ghouls all have in common? They are all out and about on Halloween night! Yes, the annual holiday of creepy fun is just around the corner Fort Worth, and Big Bubba’s Bail is here to wish you a safe, and jail-free night.

We issue several bail bonds in Fort Worth during the holidays and Halloween is one of the law’s busiest nights. Here are four things you should avoid doing this October in order to keep yourself outside of a jail cell.

Wearing A Taboo Costume

Sure, the festivities are all about putting your normal life on hold and transforming into another person. However, not all costumes are appropriate for public display, and some can flat out get you arrested under the right circumstances.

Is Your Costume NSFW?

Before you leave the house, think about how much skin and what parts of your skin are on display. Even if your costume is a gag, you could still be arrested for public indecency if your unmentionables are out for all to see.

Impersonating an Officer

Dressing up as a police officer is a popular costume, but if you take your persona too far, it’s easy to wind up as a first-hand subject of the bail bond process. The definition of “too far” may be hard to determine, so we recommend veering away from any law enforcement themed costumes not purchased at your local costume shop.


Every teen has their tale about smashing pumpkins or tossing eggs during Trick-or-Treats. However, while this may have been an occurrence to get away with in the past, these Halloween actions are on the police’s radar for vandalism citations.

Depending on the severity of the vandalism and the age of the person who performed it, even a Halloween prank can turn dangerous and earn you a night in the scariest house on the block; the Tarrant County jail.

Public Intoxication

One of the biggest pulls for adults to celebrate the holiday is the mass amounts of parties and bar crawls abound on this night of debauchery. However, in order to wake up at home and stress-free on November 1st, be mindful of how much you drink while out on the town.

First-time public intoxication violations are a Class C Misdemeanor and could cost you

$500.00. However, if you already have a couple of these offenses under your belt, the third time could be the charm that gets you thrown into jail for up to 180-days.

Need a Bail Bond in Fort Worth This Halloween? Big Bubba’s Bail can Help!

Even if you plan on having a happy Halloween, mistakes happen and you could wind up needing a bail bond in Fort Worth. Make sure Big Bubba’s Bail is your first call to get out of jail. We can help you handle your bond no matter the amount or offense. Get in touch with us to find out more about our process.