3 Reasons to Apply for a Bail Bond Over Self Bail

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Some people that get arrested are fortunate enough to have the affluence on-hand to get themselves out on bail. However, many who are arrested in Dallas County rely on a bail bond to ensure they are able to rest at home until their pending court date.

So, if someone pays for themselves to get out from behind bars, does that make their situation a better one? Aside from not sitting in a jail cell, we like to say not. Here are three of our biggest reasons to apply for a bail bond over self-bail, even if you have the funds to handle the fee on your own.

You May Not Get a Public Defender Paying On Your Own

When someone is arrested in Dallas, they have the right to a public defender if they are unable to afford a lawyer. Someone who gets out of jail on bond may have the funds set aside to afford their own lawyer, but still has the option for a public defender if circumstances are otherwise.

However, if you have the cash-on-hand to pay for yourself to get out of jail, it’s very likely that the courts will view you as someone who is affluent enough to handle themselves from that point on. While you may have paid your way to comfort, you may also have paid your way out of public help.

Higher Chance of Forfeiture

When you or your family members pay cash to get yourself out of jail, you have a higher chance of any mistake resulting in complete forfeiture of your cash. It’s very common in the courts for specific departments to change where cases are heard.

If you aren’t on top of these changes like a bondsman would be, you could likely arrive late, show up to the wrong location, or miss your hearing completely. Not only will this result in immediate fund forfeiture, but you now have a bench warrant on your hands.

You Leave Your Family With More Money!

Sure, you may have the money available in your bank account to pay off your full bail. However, think about the months coming down the line. Will you be sentenced to prison? Is your employment in jeopardy?

With a Dallas bondsman, your family only fronts the initial 10 percent of the bail and you’re out to make the right financial decisions leading up to your hearing. By depleting your funds on your initial bail, it’s likely that you may have spent excessive amounts of money that should have been saved for future events. Remember, bail is only the first step in your legal journey to freedom.

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