What Are The Different Types of Bail Bonds?

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Getting a bail bond in Dallas may seem like a standard procedure for most people that find themselves in handcuffs. But did you know that there are several different types of bail bonds based on certain circumstances?

If you or a loved one find yourselves on the wrong side of the law, it’s always best to know your legal options when it comes to bail. Here are some of the most common types of bail and how you and your family can utilize a Dallas bail bondsman to be reunited until an initial court hearing.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is typically used when someone has the money on hand to bail themselves out of jail. While the immense costs involved don’t typically make this a route we’d recommend to offenders, it definitely serves as a more invested incentive to show up to your court hearings.

The investment involved in a cash bond is a reason why a judge would implement one if they believe that the defendant is a severe flight risk. 

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are the bread and butter of all bail bond companies. For a small fee, a defendant can use a bail bond company as a guarantor to get out of jail before arraignment. The bondsman is responsible for guaranteeing that the defendant will attend their court hearings and ensures that all obligations are met involved in a bail bond contract. 

In a surety bond, the bondsman and the person who actually filed the application are on the hook for the bail money. While things usually go as planned, surety bonds always come with stipulations that ensure the bail bond company is covered in the instance a defendant skips bail.

Citation Release

While this bond doesn’t usually involve a bail bond company, it’s definitely one we feel is worth mentioning. A citation release bond is issued purely at the discretion of an officer at the scene of an arrest.

When an officer issues a citation release, the offender is free to go. However, they must appear in court for scheduled court proceedings. These bonds are typically issued for traffic violations and Class A/B misdemeanors (i.e. harassment, failure to pay child support)

Immigration Bail Bond

Immigration bail bonds are specifically for members of society who are arrested but are not United States citizens. Due to the complexity of these bail bonds, they require the work of an experienced bail bond team to ensure a successful application. There are different types of immigration bonds and the overall outcome depends on the eligibility of the individual in question.

The outcome of an immigration bail bond is either “delivery” or “voluntary departure.” Delivery is similar to a surety bond where the defendant isn’t deemed a flight risk and can leave jail until their hearing. Voluntary departure gives the defendant the option of leaving the country to get reimbursed the bail amount.

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