Key Reasons You Should Get Bail Over Jail in 2020

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Being stuck in jail isn’t an ideal situation for most defendants awaiting trial. With the help of a Fort Worth bail bond, you or a loved one could be back in the city gearing up for your big court date.

Although it may sound like you’re saving money by staying in jail, the reality is, you’re only making your situation worse on yourself. Here are some of our favorite reasons why it’s the smarter move to choose bail over jail if you ever find yourself behind bars after a night that’s gone awry.

You Could Say The Wrong Thing In Jail

Remember, regarding your case, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. Waiting in a jail cell could take 30 days or longer depending on the severity of the crime. If you wait that long, you run the risk of making an incriminating statement to jail staff or other inmates.

If you’re released on bail, sure, you still run the risk of running your mouth off to the wrong person, but it takes more effort for your words to be used against you while you’re a free individual.

You Could Get a Better Deal On Bail

When a case involves a defendant out on bail, the system tends to move slowly, depending on the circumstances of the case. When this happens, sometimes cases go stale, and “justice” is delayed. If you get out on bail, you could find yourself in this circumstance and strike a better deal in court when your case finally does make it in front of a judge. While the bail process can be daunting, a good bondsman will help you through it.

You Can’t Clean Up Your Act in Jail

If you let yourself wait in jail, then you don’t have the ability to be proactive with cleaning up your act. Based on your situation, you could take steps towards restitution that include:

  • Paying the money back to a store or person
  • Signing up for community mental health
  • Enrollment in Alcoholics Anonymous

Essentially, you can never predict how hard a judge is going to come down on you. However, taking these steps could help you earn a reduced or even completely eliminated sentence.

Arrangements Can Be Made If You’re Guilty

Sometimes when you’re guilty, you’re guilty. Even if you know you’re going away for a while, your family and personal matters should still be taken care of. Time out before your court date will allow you to meet with your lawyers, financial advisors, and employers to discuss any potential arrangements that can be made to upkeep your family’s well-being while you’re behind bars.

While communication with legal professionals is still possible from jail, you have more opportunities for improved communication while out on bail.

Get a Fort Worth Bail Bond Today From Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds

Don’t waste your time in a jail cell. Make the most of your moments between your arrest and arraignment by getting bailed out with Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds. We are Fort Worth’s premier bail service and are open 24/7 to meet your needs. Contact us today to get a bail application started.

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