Health Concerns From Behind Bars

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Jail is a naturally uncomfortable place for almost anyone. However, the recent public health issue of a pandemic brings up further reason for people to want to avoid being in close contact with strangers. However, a pandemic isn’t the only health problem behind bars.

Getting a bail bond in Collin County is a great way to ensure the health safety of your loved ones while they await their first court hearing. Here’s a closer look at some of the health issues that revolve around incarceration and why you should make every effort to avoid jail time.

Prone to Infectious Disease Without a Bail Bond

If you don’t get a bail bond, you’re stuck in a jail cell until your first court hearing; and that could be a while! As other inmates come in and out of your holding area, the chance of catching an infectious disease is increased. Compared to general public contact on the outside, people behind bars are three times as likely to catch an infectious disease.

Some of the most prevalent diseases include:

A bail bond can get you out of jail in no time at all and help avoid the risk of contracting a dangerous health condition on top of atonement for your crime.

Chances of Substance Abuse Are Increased

Many people who enter the system have some type of chronic addiction to alcohol or drugs. However, many of them are unable to obtain addiction therapy during incarceration. This can result in major withdrawals while behind bars. The unfortunate truth is that withdrawals, combined with the stimulation of the outside, the chances of heavy using and future arrests or an overdose are high.

With a bail bond, you can help your loved one with a substance problem prepare their case for a potential sentencing to rehabilitation instead of hard time.

Jail Creates Health Complications at Home

Unfortunately, many people who end up incarcerated have families who rely on them to keep up the quality of life in the home. When someone is jailed, has no bail bond, and goes straight to prison in the end, health complications at home become more prevalent.

Not only does parental incarceration lead to difficulties with general nutrition in the home, but the likelihood is increased that a child could grow up with antisocial problems and mental health issues.

While you may not be able to completely avoid going to prison if you are convicted of the crime in court, with a bail bond, you still have the time to:

  • Prepare your case
  • Work out a financial solution for your family
  • Mentally prepare your family for the times to come

Keep Out of A Collin County Jail Cell With Goodfellas Bail Bonds

No family member wants their loved one to get exposed to a health risk while in jail. That’s why so many Collin County community members turn to Goodfellas Bail Bonds when their household is in a bind. We are open 24/7 and ready to take your case. Contact us today to get the bail bond process started.