Can You Expunge a Crime Off of Your Record in Texas?

Everyone who’s ever been convicted of a crime would love to have their mistake erased from their criminal record. In some instances, the process of expunction can actually make some of these dreams come true.

Let’s take a look at the process of expunction in Texas; when it’s offered, and how, in some cases, a Dallas bail bond can help a person get back on the road to redemption.

What is the Expungement of a Crime?

An expungement is essentially a complete eradication of a criminal conviction from a defendant’s criminal record. In some cases, it can also remove the trace of the crime from the public record as well.

Can You Expunge a Crime From Your Record in Texas?

Obviously, the thought of an expungement is something that all convicted criminals would want to occur, but how often does it really happen in the state of Texas?

In the case of misdemeanors and some felony crimes, expunction is entirely possible. However, there are certain stipulations that must be met in order for an expungement to occur:

  • The person was pardoned of the offense
  • The person was convicted of the crime but later found innocent in court
  • A trial occurred and the person was acquitted
  • A felony was dismissed or dropped by the courts

What is the Process for the Expunction of a Felony?
Getting a crime expunged from your record can open up so many doors of opportunities. From getting hired at a dream job to even finding housing, lots of great developments can come from the process.

If you meet all of the statutes that make a person eligible for expungement, you must fill out an application and pay the jurisdictional fee in order to start the expungement process. From there, the courts will review your application and schedule a court hearing to make a final decision.

Based on where you apply for the expungement, there can be several different outcomes to the process:

  • Some courts may only seal your records, preventing the public from viewing them
  • Some courts will complete the process of full dismissal of a conviction

Is a Bail Bond a Good First Step Towards Expungement?

Expungement is a long process that requires the acquisition of several documents surrounding a case and long nights spent with a criminal defense lawyer.

A person who knows they are eligible for expungement will want to start considering the process the minute they are left to make their fateful phone call.

A call to a loved one about acquiring a bail bond can help get a person out of jail fast and be able to get their case organized on their own schedule.

So, while a bail bond itself may not seem directly related to the expungement process, it is a valuable tool for a person who is ready to completely clear their name.

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